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The 11 Tastings of Girona

The 11 Tastings of Girona

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The 11 Tastings of Girona

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The 11 Tastings of Girona

Adult (A partir de 16 anys) : 80,00 €

Nen (De 7 a 15 anys) : 35,00 €

Immerse in Girona's rich history, medieval charm, and local flavors. Explore hidden corners and savor a sensory journey through food and time.


3 hours

About the tour

Step into the captivating realm of Girona's history and flavors with The 11 Tastings of Girona tour. In this 3-hour walking journey, the city's 2000-year-old cultural heritage comes alive. From its strategic Roman origins to its medieval treasures, Girona's story unfolds against the backdrop of its well-preserved architecture.

Wander past iconic landmarks like the Cathedral and the Basilica of Sant Feliu, absorbing the echoes of centuries. As you cross bridges with postcard-perfect views of the Onyar river, the city's colorful charm envelops you. The enchantment deepens within the labyrinthine streets of the Old Town, where hidden corners reveal stories of ages past, and where we will stop in different locations to sample some of our best local delicacies.

Amid this historical tapestry, our 11 delectable tastings will mirror Girona's evolution. With each local delicacy, you'll not only savor the present but also immerse yourself in the past. The 11 Tastings of Girona is more than a tour; it's an embrace of heritage and flavor that spans generations. Join us and seize the chance to discover Girona's essence through an unforgettable sensory journey.

What we'll see on The 11 Tastings of Girona Tour

-  Girona Cathedral
-  Xuixo & ratafia
-  Sant Feliu Basilica
-  Cold meats and cheeses
-  Onyar river and bridges
-  Beer, wine and cava
-  Squares and gardens
-  Pintxos
-  Old Town (Barri Vell)
-  Jewish Quarter