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Cookies policy

Cookies policy

The website can use cookies (little text files that the server sends to the computer of those who access to the web). It is a technique usually used in Internet to do some functions that are essential to the correct working and site visualization.

The cookies may be, depending of its persistence on the system:

  • Session cookies: Are a type of cookies designed to collect and keep data while the usar access to a web site.
  • Permanent cookies: Are a type of cookies where the data continue stored in the terminal and can be accessed and treated during an indefinite period by the cookie responsible, that comprises between some minutes to several years.

According to its purpose, may be:

  • Technical cookies: Are those that permit to the user the navigation through a web site, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, like, for example, traffic control and data communication, identify the session, access to restricted parts, remember the elements that are in a order, do the process of buying an order, make the application for registration or participation in an event, use some security elements during the navigation, keep contents for the diffusion of videos, sounds or share content through social networks.
  • Personalization cookies: Are those that permit to the user get access to the service with some characteristics of general character predefined in function of some rules in the user terminal like another idiom, the type of the bowser, the regional configuration from the user access to the service, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: Are those who permit to the responsible the monitoring and analysis of user behavior in the web sites that is linked. The information collected with this kind of cookies is used in the measure of the activity in web sites, applications or platforms and to elaborate the navigation profiles of the users of this sites, in order to introduce improvements depending on the analysis of the users data.
  • Advertising cookies: Are those that permit the management, in the most efficient and possible way, of the advertising spaces that, in its case, the editor have included in the web site, application or platform from which gives the solicited service in base of the rules of the content or the frequency in its advertisements.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: Are those that permit the management, in the most efficient and possible way, of the advertising spaces that, in its case, the editor have included in the web site, application or platform from which gives the solicited service. This cookies keep information of the users behaviour obtained through the continued observation of navigation habits, that allows to develop an specific profile to show publicity.

The cookies used in the website have, in any case, temporary nature and with the only purpose of making its subsequent transmission more efficient. In no case the cookies will be used to pick up personal or private information of the visitors.

It is posible that we update cookies policy of this website, so we recommend to look over this policy every time that you access to this website, with the objective of  being informed about how, and why, we use cookies.

Our website uses own cookies to improve the navigation, the website speed and the outputs. The list of cookies that we use and its characteristics is as follows:


Necessary to the website working.

ci_session: To maintain the user's status. Persisten with expiration.

cookiesDisclosureCount: Controls the appearance of the cookie information module. Persisten with expiration.


Third party cookies are the cookies that are installed in a website that is not the one that is being visited at the current time. Some pubilicity firms can use this type of cookies to track users, being this third firms those who do the installation of this cookies.

Google Analytics service

The site uses Google Analytics services, which is borrowed by Google, Inc., entity whose main office is in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkay, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States.

Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze te use made by the users of the site. The information that the cookie produce about your use of the site (including the IP direction) will be directly transmited and filled by Google in its United States server. Google will use this information on our behalf with the purpose of keep track of your use of the site, compiling reports on site activity and providing other services related to the activity of the site and the use of Internet. Google can transmit this information to thirds parties when is required by law, or when such these third procces the information on behalf of Google.

Google Analytics does not collect personal data of the website visitors. The main functions of Google cookies are:

  • Determine the domain to study.
  • Distinguish between unique users.
  • Remember the number and the hour of the previous visits.
  • Compiling information about the traffic origin.
  • Determine the duration of a session.
  • Determine the value of the personalized tracking variables.

If you want you can refuse the treatment of data or information refusing the use of cookies selecting the appropiate configuration of your browser or refusing our cookies policy. However, if you do it, you may not be able to use the full functionality of this site. Using this site allows the treatment of your information by Google in the manner and for the purposes indicated above.

The cookies used by Google, and its characteristics are:

a) __utma: This cookie has a two years duration, and it is used to distinguish the user session.
b) __utmb: This cookie has a 30 minutes duration. It is used to determine new sessions and/or visits.
c) __utmc: This cookie remains active during the navigator session. It is a temporary cookie to indicate if the session is opne or close. It is no longer used.
d) __utmz: This cookie has a six months duration. This cookie is used to calculate the traffic that comes from search engines (organic and PPC), display advertising campaigns and navigation inside the web (internal links).
e) __utmv: This cookie has a two years duration, and it is used to collect all data obtained, to segment them demographically.
f) _ga: This cookie has a two years duration, and it is used to differenciate the users.

Google Maps service

Google Maps permit the inclusion of maps in third parties web, as the present one. The cookies used by Google Maps are: SID, SAPSID, APISID, SSID, HSID, NID, PREF.

Serve to establish several unique identifiers, except cookie PREF, that is used to show the preferences in mapa's zoom.

Cookie PREF has a one year duration. Cookies SAPISID, APISID, SSID, HSID, SID, have a two years duration. The others are session cookies, or have a short period.

If you want to know more, visit the next link:

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YouTube service

Visit the next link to obtain more information about YouTube cookies:


The user can, in every moment, choose which cookies want to use in the website by:

a) The browser configuration, for example:

b) Through third parties tools:

Other third parties tools, available online, that permit to the users detect the cookies in every website that visit and manage its deactivation, for example: