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Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

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Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

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Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

Legends, mysteries and hidden stories of the city: murders, hidden maps… Discover magical places and get to know an unknown Girona!

Duration: 1,5 hours

About the tour

Girona is a city full of legends. Throughout its history, countless events have taken place here, which have given rise to curious anecdotes and stories. Did you know that the Sant Feliu area hides a dark past? Prostitution, crimes and drug addiction are some of the events that marked an era in the neighborhood.

We will discover some secret sculptures and their meaning, hidden maps, the smallest square in Europe… Through narrow alleys we will enter the Jewish Quarter, which hides some secrets underground, and we will talk about the imposing Cathedral, full of unknowns and mysteries.

Little by little we will climb to cross the wall until we reach the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants and walk through the Chinese Quarter. Why was it called like this? What happened? What do we find there today?

We will answer these and many more questions until we reach the end point of the journey: a strange statue with the figure of a Lioness. Without a doubt, the best-known legend of Girona and one of the symbols of the city. Are you coming?

What we will see in the Mysteries & Legends Free Tour

  • Girona Cathedral
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Little known viewpoints
  • Legends and mysteries of Girona
  • Hidden squares and gardens
  • Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery