Ermita de Sant Quirze

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Ermita de Sant Quirze

Lloret de Mar - Girona

Ermita de Sant Quirze

Ermita de Sant Quirze, located in the surroundings of Lloret de Mar, appears in some documents in 1079. It is possible that the parish live of LLoret were located in Ermita de Sant Quirze before of this year (because in this year it was consecrated the Ermita de Les Alegries).

It is explained that this hermitage was build in Charlemagne times and under the protection of Santos Reyes Magos. It was destroyed by the Arabian in IXth century and rebuilt in the Xth century by a rich believer called Quirze.

Some archeological excavations that made near the hermitage have found some roman bricks and tiles, amphoras, a Constantine coin and 34 human skeletons that it is belived that they could belong to some died soldiers fighting in this area.

During the s.XVIII the floor of the hermitage was increased, it get to have about 100m2 instead of its original 45m2. Because of this increasing we can see to parts inside: two sacristies and the high altar (that is from the original medieval hermitage) and the nave for the devoted (built in the enlargement in XVIIth century)

Nowadays it acommoded the orthodox russian community in Lloret de Mar (it is one of its favourites destination in Costa Brava), that uses the temple to celebrate masses at the weekend. This community is in charge of its maintenance and preservation.

If you choose Lloret as a destination in Costa Brava, it is a good option to visit the oldest hermitage in the town and walk through the forest that surround it. In addition, only 100 metres far there is the local cemetery, with a great artistic value because of its modernist sepulchres built by some ancient and rich families from Lloret at the beginning of XXth century.