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Remendón cove

Remendón cove

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Remendón cove

Palamós - Girona

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Remendón cove

Remendón cove is located between Cala Estreta and Cala Roca Bona. Two rock reefs define the limits between the three coves and give them an accentuated crescent shape.

To get there, leave your car in the car park at Castell beach and follow the route on foot along the coastal path. The walk allows us to discover many charming spots along the coast. It is a highly recommended visit for walkers.

The location of Cala de Remendón, Cala Estreta and Cala Roca Bona, in beautiful natural surroundings and far from built-up areas, means that these coves tend to have a low level of occupation and are suitable for the practice of nudism.

Width (approx): 30 metros Surface: Fine sand
Lenght (approx): 70 metros Location: Natural environment