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Basses d'en Coll

Basses d'en Coll

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Basses d'en Coll

Pals - Girona

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Basses d'en Coll

The Basses d'en Coll are a system of two ponds that form the mouth of the Molí irrigation canal, where the waters of the rice fields of Pals. These ponds are part of the partial nature reserve of the Baix Ter wetlands, within the Montgrí National Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter.

We can find different species of vegetation such as willow and omeda, brambles, reeds and reedbeds. Also, we can find secondary mobile dunes (white dunes) with blur; stabilized dunes with communities of Crucianellion maritimae and submerged grasslands.

The Basses d'en Coll is also an important point for the breeding of birds, amphibians, invertebrates, such as the population of turtles (Triops cancriformis).

Depending on the season, however, we can find vegetation and breeds of one species of animals or another.

That is why it is advisable to know it with your own eyes and own experience.