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Costa Brava's litoral is formed by an incredible mosaic of beaches and coves suitable for all the interests and tastes, most of them with some quality certificates, like Blue Flag. From little virgin coves and with a difficult access, to extended urban beaches of many kilometres equipped with all the possible services.

If you are looking for a quiet place to relax with your partner your place is in a little cove. There are a lot of hidden coves difficult to find them but after a nice walk through the nature you will find it and enjoy an intime day. Because of its difficult location the level of occupancy is low so anyone will bother you. It is recommended to be prepared for all the day, because this little coves hasn't got so many services for the people due to its reduced space. But without any doubt, you will enjoy a very nice day.

On the other hand, if your objective is enjoy a great family day, playing with your children and then enjoy Costa Brava's gastronomy and its towns centres, the coast offers us a lot kilometres of urban beaches, very long and wide where we find a lot of people. This beaches are well equipped with so many services, from toiletes and showers to quality restaurants.
In addition, if you are a sports lover, this big beaches offer us a lot of space and in some of them we find nets to play volleyball or goals to do an improvised beach soccer match with friends. Most of them also have facilities to practise aquatic sports, from scuba diving clubs to kayak trips or practise paddlesurf and some modern sports ports to leave your boats.

For the most daring, some of this beaches and coves have a nudist area.

With the big number of beaches and coves that we offer, you will find the ideal place for your requirements and interests to enjoy a great day enjoying the salt water of Mediterranean Sea and all of its sand types.

A true natural paradise!

Cala de les Fresses Portbou


Cala de les Fresses, located 4 kilometres near Portbou, almost in the border, is famous for its caves. Apart of the caves, we found this little...

Platja Gran Portbou


It is the main beach of Portbou, located in the urban centre of the village, next to the port. It is formed by fine sand and stones, and located...

Platja del Pi Portbou


It is the first accesible beach by car in Costa Brava after cross the border with France but it is so hidden and far from the highway and from the...

Les Tres Platgetes Portbou


It has this name because previously it was formed by a main beach and two secondary beaches. Formed by gravel and gross sand, we find it 200...

Cala del Claper Portbou


Is a very little cove, located 1 kilometre near from the centre of Portbou, exactly behind the port. It is formed by rocks and the only access is...