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Roses Megalithic Route
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Roses Megalithic Route

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Data sheet

  • Duration of the route: 4/5h
  • Childrens: Suitable for children

The mark of prehistoric man is very present in the area of the bay of Roses and Cap de Creus. Here, various megalithic monuments from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods are preserved, which we can visit thanks to the excavation and conservation work that has been done, and which has enabled the creation of the Roses Megalithic Route.

Our route starts in Roses, from where we will take the road that leads to Cala Montjoi - Cala Jòncols - Cadaqués. Going up a fairly narrow and winding road, a little over 5 minutes from the centre of Roses we will find a small car park with capacity for 2/3 cars with the route indicator. If there is no place, we can go up a few more metres and leave the car in another area on the right.

The indicator in the car park shows us the two routes we can take from this point. On this occasion we will start from the cobbled path in front of us, a very well preserved path that climbs up the hill, allowing us to enjoy the characteristic landscape of this area, shaped by the effects of the tramuntana wind.

A few minutes from the start, we will find the most well preserved monument of this route, the Creu d'en Cobertella dolmen, an impressive funerary structure dated between 3500 and 3000 BC.

Our route continues up a path overlooking Puig Rom and flanked by dry stone walls. Above, some of the elements that can be visited are not so evident, as is the case of the Casa Cremada III stone. What is really worthwhile is what we find a few metres later, the so-called menhir Casa Cremada II, dated between the 4th and 3rd millennium BC.

From this point onwards, the indications of the route are somewhat less clear, and it will be more difficult to find other monuments such as the dolmens of Casa Cremada, Llit de la Generala or Cap de l'Home.

Depending on the time available, a recommendable option is to undo the path to return to the car park and start the second route that we find on the indicators, a little more vertical than the first but very recommendable to obtain a magnificent final prize.

Climbing up a stony path that leads to a path flanked by vineyards and which follows the Rec de la Quarentena, you will approach the highest point, where you will see a large rock outcrop. It is a point where we find another type of dolmen that is worth visiting, the dolmen caves. As their name suggests, they are dolmens built using the natural cavities of the area. Here, we find the Rec de la Quarentena I and II dolmen-caves, both belonging to the period 2500-2000 BC. The location of these incredible funerary monuments will allow us to enjoy a spectacular view over the sea. A few metres away, we will also be able to distinguish a group of prehistoric engravings on stone, belonging to the 4th and 3rd millennium BC.

The Roses Megalithic Route will allow us to enjoy a pleasant day combining hiking and history in this beautiful part of the Costa Brava.


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