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Begur Castle

Begur Castle

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Begur Castle

Begur - Girona

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Begur Castle

The castle of Begur is built on a hill that strategically dominates the entire municipality and offers excellent views of the coast. The first documentary reference we have dates back to the 11th century. Throughout history, this building has been the protagonist of many of the main armed conflicts that have taken place in the area, leading to its destruction on three occasions.

The remains that we see today correspond to the restoration work that was carried out during the 20th century. Nowadays, we can see the base of the keep, some walls, and the characteristic battlements that were built in the 20th century and that nowadays characterise the silhouette of the castle.

It is an easily accessible castle for visitors. It can be easily reached on foot from the centre of the village. We also have the option of going by car and parking in the specific area that we will find enabled.