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Sant Ferran Castle

Sant Ferran Castle

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Sant Ferran Castle

Figueres - Girona

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Sant Ferran Castle

The Sant Ferran Castle is an impressive military fortification that becomes a historical testimony of the strategic importance of this region during the modern period. Built in the 18th century, this monumental fortress is a true example of military engineering of the time and an iconic landmark of the city of Figueres and the l'Alt Empordà region.

The construction was commissioned with the aim of providing effective defense in case of invasion, as Figueres was a strategic stronghold on the border with France. The design by military architect Juan Martín Zermeño was chosen for this formidable task.

The Sant Ferran Castle is known for its impressive size. With an area of over 30 hectares, it is one of the largest castles in Europe. Its construction required immense amounts of stone and the involvement of thousands of workers over many years. The end result was an impressive structure, with huge walls, moats, and a complex network of underground passages.

Today, this impressive fortification is open to the public and is a place of great tourist interest. Visitors can explore its underground passages, explore its walls, and enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Figueres and the surrounding area from its bastions.