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Salvador Dalí House-Museum

Salvador Dalí House-Museum

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Salvador Dalí House-Museum

Portlligat - Girona

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Salvador Dalí House-Museum

In Portlligat we find what was Salvador Dalí's permanent home from 1930 until 1982, the year his wife Gala died.

The house has a labyrinthine structure and is divided into three areas: the workshop, the outdoor spaces and the most intimate and private part of the house. No two rooms are the same; they all have characteristic elements, but they share surrealism as a common denominator.

Among the most important rooms are the workshop and the Oval room, which were the spaces most used by Dalí and his wife Gala. The workshop still conserves easels, brushes, solvents and other tools used by the brilliant painter.

The Salvador Dalí House-Museum is located in the cove of Portlligat, a beautiful natural spot with different services such as restaurants, accommodation and shops.