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Pirate's Route
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Pirate's Route

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  • Distance: 26 km
  • Childrens: Suitable for children


Medes islands are an incredible archipelago located in front of l'Estartit coast, place of reference to the lovers of scuba diving and nautical sports. But it wasn't always like this. Since XVIth century, Costa Brava towns suffered multiple attacks by pirates and corsairs that spread terror among the population. Medes islands were one of the main bases where the pirates prepared the incursions to the land.

We start our route in l'Estartit port, taking a walk through Garbí spike, that offers us an incredible view of the beach to our right, and the port and Medes Islands to our left.

Leaving the port, we follow our road until the end of the promenade, that connects with El Molinet promenade. It is a short stretch that it is worth doing peacefully to enjoy its incredible views. The leg ends in Punta del Molinet, with a big cliff that rises behind us and en incredible views of Medes islands.

We return to the port. It is the time to learn more about the old pirates base!

Arrived again at l'Estartit port, we find a lot of business dedicated to trips with glass bottom boats. We can choose diferent routes and prices. There are routes with round-trip tickets to Medes islands with one stop to observe the marine fauna, or longer journeys that include some of the most spectacular places of the Empordà coast.

If after the trip we have time before having lunch, it is recommended take a walk by Santa Anna street, where most of l'Estartit shops are located and where there is the picturesque Torre del Rellotge. By the road also we can find multiple terraces where you can stop and drink something.

If we don't want to take the car, in l'Estartit we will find a big variety of restaurants suitable for all the tastes and pockets.

After this break, it is the moment to move on. We leave l'Estartit seeing Torre Moratxa, one of the watchtowers used to guard the sea from the pirates incursions. It is a little stones building that we can see if we look to the left of the communication antennas that are located on Rocamaura mountain.

On the highway that separates l'Estartit from Torroella de Montgrí, we can see in both sides some fortified farmhouses, that also have their origin as a defensive measure that take the inhabitants of the area to minimise the threat of pirates. This farmhouses are private property and, therefore, are not visitable.

When we arrive to Torroella we have to cross the bridge of Ter river and take the highway to Pals. Seven or eight kilometres far we will find at our right the diversion to Peratallada, the next stop of our route.


Peratallada has an incredible architectonical combination in its historical centre that has respected its medieval distribution.

At this point, we recommend let yourself be lost in its streets and discover all the special places, like the Castle or Les Voltes Square. Surely during this stop the camera of your mobile is going to smoke!

To reach the end of the route, we will make another little journey of 10 kilometres to Pals.


We should go to the sports pavilion and park the car there or in its surroundings.

Going up through Abeurador street, we will enter to the medieval area of the town. When we arrive to Major square, we have the option to go to the tourism office and get information of the main places to visit or, simply, get lost in its streets and be surprised by its reach historical heritage that we will see in our route. You should visit Josep Pla viewpoint, a privileged space where you can enjoy the beauty of Empordanet.

If we have time at the end of the day, we can go to Gran beach to enjoy the sunset, from we can see a differents and spectacular perspective of Medes islands. It is ideal to finish our journey.

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