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Empordà Wine Route
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Empordà Wine Route

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Welcome to Empordà, where the wine culture blends perfectly with the personality of the landscapes sculpted by the tramontana.

To understand the deep roots of wine in Empordà, we must go back in time to the era of the foundation of Empúries by the Greek and Roman colonizers. This enclave was not only a vital commercial center in antiquity, but also the gateway to vine cultivation in the Iberian Peninsula. With the arrival of the Greeks, new cultivation and winemaking techniques were introduced that have left an indelible mark on the winemaking tradition of this region.

Advancing in time to the present day, Empordà proudly holds the Empordà Designation of Origin, a seal that certifies the quality and authenticity of its wines. This protected designation guarantees that producers in the region follow strict production standards, ensuring that the wines reflect the unique character of the Empordà land. From fresh and fruity white wines to robust reds, the Empordà Designation of Origin encompasses a wide range of varieties that make this region an oenological treasure.

In this wine route, we will visit some of the main wine-growing areas of the Costa Brava, such as Roses, Pals, and Calonge, and their surrounding areas.


We begin our journey in Roses, an excellent starting point that will allow us to plan the morning.
A very good option is to start tasting the wines of Empordà with a good breakfast of pa amb tomata and cold cuts, accompanied by a tasting. In Roses and its surroundings, we find a significant number of wineries and cooperatives, and some of them allow us to enjoy this first contact with the Empordà Designation of Origin. We have the option to explore the offers proposed by the wineries in Vilajuïga, Cap de Creus, Garriguella, Espolla, or Colera, among others.
After breakfast, it's time to learn more about the wine production process and the incredible landscapes that surround the vineyards of Empordà. The majority of cooperatives and wineries offer highly recommended guided tours. We just need to make sure to have made a prior reservation for the activity.
And before leaving, we can't forget to visit one of the farm shops that we will find in the vineyards themselves. Here we can purchase the excellent wines, sparkling wines, oils, and other products marketed by the winegrowers of Empordà.


We take our vehicle and leave Alt Empordà behind to head south to Pals. This beautiful village is well known for its rice cultivation, but it also has a great winemaking tradition. This is precisely where we will make our stop for lunch.
In Pals, we can enjoy excellent dishes made with rice and paired with wines from Empordà in one of the excellent restaurants found in the old town and its surrounding area.


The last stop on our route is Calonge, another of the main areas where Empordà Designation of Origin wine is produced. A landscape with vineyards that unfold in terraces with beautiful panoramic views.
The wineries in Calonge offer a wide variety of proposals that allow us to get to know and taste their products in a pleasant and enjoyable way. Among the variety of proposals, we can choose to enjoy wine and cheese tastings, as well as visits to the wineries and vineyards. In addition, we can enjoy the last hours of the day contemplating the sunset from the vineyards, an excellent way to end our wine route. As always, it is important to have previously contacted the winery to make a reservation for the activity.

This route is not only an opportunity to delve into the wines of Empordà, but also to connect with its rich history. From Empúries to contemporary wineries, each glass of wine is like a journey through time and the terrains that define this unique wine region. Let yourself be seduced by the wine culture of Empordà.