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From Callella de Palafrugell to Tamariu following the coastal road
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From Callella de Palafrugell to Tamariu following the coastal road

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Data sheet

  • Duration of the route: 2h
  • Distance: 9km
  • Childrens: It depends...

This route starts in Calella de Palafrugell and aims to reach Tamariu, hiking through the coastal road. The route is not complicated although it is not recommended to old people. So wear a comfortable footwear, carrie a little bit of water and a cap for the sun.

Calella de Palafrugell

The best way to start the route is spending the night in any hotel in Calella de Palafrugell, where you will rest excellently thanks to the facilities that offer most of them and you will start the day having breakfast in a flawless buffet where you will enjoy an incredible gastronomy to start with strengt the long and entertaining day that awaits you.

After having breakfast, following the coast to the north, you will find the indications of the coastal raod easily.


The first leg to Llafranc village it is ideal to walk with children. Beautiful landscape and direct contact with nature. After the village, the road goes through a stretch a little bit heavy because you have to walk on pavement until reach San Sebastian lighthouse, where you can enjoy an excellent views. Next to the lighthouse, there is a bar-restaurant.

From this place until our destination, the road becomes savage, a little bit disappeared and capable only to people that isn't afraid on walking on the first line sea rocks.

Cala Pedrosa

The effort is rewarded, because along the way we come across [City_link=12,c=,t=Cala Pedrosa]Cala Pedrosa[/city_link], a small cove that takes us back to other times due to its virginity, as we can only get here on foot or by boat. In this spot we will find an old fishermen's hut which is currently used as a bar-restaurant and which allows us to enjoy its gastronomic delights, specialising in omelettes, fish and pa amb tomàquet.


And now we must set out on again the road, that continue savage, and it is a little bit heavy at the end of the cove. Only 20 minutes far from our destination. The first view of Tamariu is to frame. We hope you like it too.

P.D. We do it all the route two couples, to light gait. It takes two houres, the rest time, and two more hours to return. If you don't have time and you have a caryou can organise yourself. Cheers and Costa Brava!

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