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Empúries beach

Empúries beach

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Empúries beach

Sant Martí d'Empúries - Girona

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Empúries beach

Empúries beach is located just in front of the village of Sant Martí d'Empúries. It is separated from the beach of Moll Grec by a breakwater, and further north, the hilly terrain impedes communication with the beach of playa de El Riuet.

Its excellent location makes the beach of Empúries very popular, and allows to complement the day of sun and bathing with a visit to Sant Martí de Empúries to see the walls, the castle or the church of the town. The beach has services such as a restaurant located on the sand of the beach itself, as well as other restaurants just a few minutes away, and a parking area.

Width (approx): 40 meters Surface: Fine sand
Length (approx): 300 meters Location: Urban environment