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From Tres Pins to Sant Sebastià
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From Tres Pins to Sant Sebastià

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Data sheet

  • Duration of the route: Aprox. 1h
  • Distance: Aprox. 4km
  • Childrens: Yes

The route starts at Tres Pins, at Calella de Palafrugell, where, from there, you will take the coastal path to start the route towards Sant Sebastià.

The first stop you will find will be Punta d'en Blanc, from there you will be able to contemplate the views of the different beaches that surround it and make a short stop before continuing with the path to the final point.

Continuing with the route you will change town and you will get to the next one, Llafranc. Here you can visit the different points of interest that form it; one of these is the church of Santa Rosa. In addition, you can walk along the seafront until you reach the Port, the third stop on the route.

Once in the port, you will have to gather strength to start climbing stairs until you reach the J. Turró viewpoint, where you can enjoy the wonderful views of the entire coast of Calella de Palafrugell and Llafranc, and the vegetation that surrounds it.

Finally, you will follow a small section more until you reach the Sant Sebastia esplanade, this will mean that you will have reached the end point and that you will be able to know the monumental complex of Sant Sebastià de la Guardia and take a break before returning to the starting point.