The 12 best beaches to go with children

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Discover the best beaches to enjoy a great family day and for children to enjoy as never before.

La Nova Roses


This is another of the main beaches in Roses, located between...

Cala Salions Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

This cove is located in Salions urbanisation, in the highway that goes from [city_link=28,c=,t=Tossa de...

Platja de Canyelles Roses


Located in a residential area 5 kilometres far from the centre of...

Platja Gran Platja d'Aro

Platja d'Aro

Between the mouth of Ridaura river and the known rock of Cavall Bernat, we find the main beach of...

Sa Conca S'Agaro


Sa Conca in s'Agaró is a beach formed by gross sand that is...


Discover the best beaches to enjoy a great family day and for children to enjoy as never before.

When you choose a beach or a cove to enjoy an incredible day, it is important known which is the space that you need at this moment. Known if you are looking for relax in privacy, enjoy the active tourism and sports or spend a great family day with children. Every beach offers us some services or others and you have to find this one that achieve our preferences.

Now we are going to talk about the best beaches for children to enjoy like never before in a great family day. That's because we have stand out the beaches that have more services destined to the little ones., like mini clubs or aquatic platforms in the sea where the children can jump, bath and throw yourselves into the water until being exhausted.

From Visita Costa Brava we have selected the ones that, for us, are the 12 best beaches to go with children in Costa Brava, thanks to its services destined to the little ones:

La Selva

As in the other TOP, we will go all over the coast from south to north and in the first place we find one beach in Lloret de Mar.
In Lloret we find Fenals beach. With a lot of space where the children can run and run, some services in a few metres and a mini children's club opened a few years ago. Places where are organised some ludic and sports activities with specialised staff to enjoy the beach day.

Then we find a cove in Tossa de Mar.
Cala Salions, located in the urbanisation that has the same name, is located in the highway from Tossa to Sant Feliu and it is very visited by families. Being located in a residential area, it has in the beach a restaurant and some shops where buy food and drinks, it has a good width and length where the children can run and, in summer, there is an aquatic platform inside the water to enjoy a lot.

Baix Empordà

We go up towards Sant Feliu de Guíxols where we will find two beaches.
First there is Sant Feliu beach, the main beach located in the town centre. It is the ideal place to enjoy a family day. Good location, easy access by car, on foot, by bus, a lot of services to spend the day like restaurants, bars, comercial, shops in a few metres, parking area, etc. But especially, we are talking about children, and in this beach they can enjoy a mini club and also an aquatic platform near the seashore.
Then, after the city centre and the port, we will find the second important beach in the town: Sant Pol beach. It is located in a marvelous urban environment very special thanks to its modernist buildings, its hotels and its promenade. Like the other, it is ideal for children and families thanks to the many services that offers to all the family (restaurants, shops, etc.) and especially, for the little ones, all the space that has to run, the southern part of the beach is a smoke free space, a mini club where enjoy some ludic activites and the waters are low depth.

We continue going up, at the north of s'Agaró where we find Sa Conca beach. A precious natural space, of low depth waters and a lot of metres long. Inside the sea there is an aquatic platform for all the children.

Some kilometres at the north of Platja d'Aro we find two more beaches.
The first is the main one, Platja Gran, ideal to enjoy a great family day, located in the centre of the town, more than 2 kilometres long and with a lot of access facilities with some transports. In addition, it has a lot of services for all the family and for the little ones a mini children's club and an aquatic platform.
Just beside, there is Cala Rovira, one of the most famous coves in the area and in Costa Brava. In one side has an opening between rocks that is ideal to bath the babies. And for the not so small, also has an aquatic platform inside the water.

Next there is Sant Antoni de Calonge.
Here we want to stand out Sant Antoni beach thanks to its big area, its low depth waters and its fine sand. It adopts a T form that permit to the children have a lot of space to run and it is ideal to enjoy a family day. It has a big promenade and in one side has an enabled zone to cycle or go on a scooter, etc. In addition, offers a lot of services in the beach or in a few metres.

We go lots of kilometres to the north until arrive to l'Estartit.
Here we find Platja Gran, located in front of the town centre and next to the port, it has a high level of occupancy and several services like some restaurants in a few metres, easy access and a mini club for the little ones where they can enjoy with some ludic and sports activities. In addition, this beach has the continuation of two more beaches (Griells beach and Mas Pinell beach) making it a total of many kilometres for the children.


And finally arrive to Roses area, where we find the last three beaches.
We have choosen La Nova, because it is the location of the mini children's club, but the succession of five beaches (Platja del Salatar, Platja del Rastrell, La Punta/La Perola) that are part of the big Roses beach from Santa Margarita beach to Roses's sports port are insidie the best beaches for children to enjoy a great family day. Located in the centre of the town you have access to a lot of services.
Next, behind the port there is Cala del Bonifaci, that becomes a continuation with Platja dels Palangrers and is an ideal place to enjoy a great family day with children, because they have at their disposal an aquatic platform in the sea.
And finally, in a few metres of Cala del Bonifaci, we find Platja de Canyelles. An idyllic and little space with a familiar environment. It is protected of the wind and it has low depth waters making it ideal for the little ones and a restaurant near.