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Top 10 cultural visits
Enjouy cultural tourism and discover some of the main beauty retreats in Girona coast.

Top 10 cultural visits

What to Visit

Enjouy cultural tourism and discover some of the main beauty retreats in Girona coast.

Sant Pere de Rodes monastery

Port de la Selva

The Sant Pere de Rodes monastery is an impressive monumental complex located in the Verdera mountain, in the heart of Cap de Creus. Nearby, we...

The Cathedral


Girona's Cathedral is one of the most recognised icon in the city. Built between the XIth and XVIIIth centuries and based on different...

The City Wall


The origin of Girona (Gerunda) and its city walls, it is due to the desire to control Via Augusta at its entrance to Roman Hispania during the Ist...

Montgrí Castle


Crowning the Montgrí massif, we find this military fortification built at the end of the 13th century by order of King Jaume II.

In order to...

The Ciutadella of Roses


A visit to the imposing Ciutadella de Roses allows us to contemplate the history of Roses from the 4th century BC to the 19th century.


Roman village of Pla de Palol

Platja d'Aro

This Roman villa, founded in the 1st century BC, has spent some time debating between survival and disappearance due to the construction of new...

Benedictine monastery

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

This imposing architectural complex is the main nucleus of the old Sant Feliu de Guíxols and has one of the most iconic elements of the town, the...

La Vila Vella

Tossa de Mar

The Vila Vella of Tossa de Mar is an imposing walled enclosure built between the 12th and 14th centuries as a defence against pirate raids. This...

Sant Pere del Bosc Monastery

Lloret de Mar

Sant Pere del Bosc heritage ensemble is majestically located in a natural setting surrounded by woods about five kilometres from the centre of...

Sant Joan Castle


Sant Joan castle and Sa Palomera, are the two most characteristic landscape elements of Blanes[/city_link ].

The castle was built between the 11th...


Because of its geographical location, Costa Brava has been historically the entrance door to a lot of towns and influences that leave a indelible cultural mark.

Every town has a rich cultural heritage that permit us to trace the history since the arrival of Greek and Roman cultures at Empúries, until the popularitzation of the pictorial art of Salvador Dalí, with his Museum in Figueres.

We focus in 10 cultural visits in Costa Brava that for different reasons they are worth it.

Alt Empordà

La Ciutadella of Roses gather in one and amazing location all the town's history until XIXth century. The identity and beauty of this historical set make it a lovely place where lose yourself some hours.
An alternative way of visiting this retreat is at night, so in summer months they organise numerous activities, principally performances and concerts.

Sant Pere de Rodes monastery, in El Port de la Selva, was a benedictine monastery of a great importance in the ancient Empúries and it was declared Bien de Interés Cultural. Nowadays is one of the main tourist attractions in the northern area of Girona's province and it is one of the cultural visits that you can not miss. From the highest point of the mountain you can enjoy the incredible views of Cap de Creus.

Baix Empordà

Montgrí Castle crown the top of the massif that has the same name. This magnificent fortification built during XIIIth century is restored and it is a very recommended visit to enjoy a morning family trip.
The visit must be made on foot starting from Torroella de Montgrí, with comfortable footweat and water supply. Both the visit to the castle and the views of "l'Empordanet" are very worthwhile.

Moving to the south, we find the ruins of the Roman village of Pla de Palol, in Platja d'Aro. The visit is not going to take us a lot of time, but it is worth it discover this little and beauty retreat, and witness in situ that the cohabitation between a museum area and an urban tourist environment it is 100% possible.

Following the coastal line, we find an amazing monastic benedictine set of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, located a few metres to the main beach of the town. This impressive architectural space has also the History Museum of the city and Carmen Thyssen Space.
There are a lot of details in its architecture that would draw our attention during the visit, among which stands out the iconic Porta Ferrada, dated from the Xth century.

La Selva

Going inside La Selva region, we find Tossa de Mar, a town that has known how to preserve a significant part of its historical legacy to the visitors enjoying.
Also Tossa de Mar gas another unique medieval fortification, as Vila Vella that has preserved practically its original perimeter. You can get into the medieval live and enjoy the gastronomy and the views of the town like the city walls and the impressive castle. A walk through its streets will flood our mobile phone gallery with beautiful pictures of this unique retreat in Costa Brava.

The neighbour village of Lloret de Mar also has an important cultural heritage where stands out the "indianos" buildings or the many hermitages and religious buildings, like Sant Pere del Bosc Monastery. This buildings stands out because of its location regarding the other retreats that we stand out, because it is located in the middle of the forest. The different changes that has suffered from its fundation during the XIth century, have forged an architectural set which is worth visiting. Nowadays, it also has a restaurant and an hotel.

In Blanes, the entrance town to Costa Brava, stands out the visit to the Sant Joan's Castle, of Romanesque style. Nowadays, its most important architectural elements are the tower of tribute and the walls. Its privileged location permit us to enjoy an incredible views above Blanes town.


Leaving the coast and going inland to Girona, we will enjoy its amazing heritage of Roman fundation. It is difficult to stand out only two retreats of this city, but we have choose two of the most iconic places: the Cathedral and the City Walls.
Architecturally, Girona's Cathedral is build in different stages and based on different styles. That's because this religious building has an unique personality that will captivate us from the moment that we arrive at the foot of its fabulous staircase. Game of Thrones fans surely will recognise the Cathedral.
An important part of Girona City Walls has survived to the different changes and extensions that has suffered the city. We can access to the coastal road from different points and walk more than 2 kilometres, discover its defense towers and enjoy an unique panoramic view above all Girona.