Enjoy the best bitches to practise nautical sports. If you are a lover of snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurf and other, this is your section.

The 15 best beaches for water sports

What to Visit

Enjoy the best bitches to practise nautical sports. If you are a lover of snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurf and other, this is your section.

Gola del Fluvià Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador

Gola del Fluvià beach is the part that we find in the river mouth, between the beaches of Can Comes and Can Martinet. Simply takes up the exactly...

Platja de l'Erola Port de la Selva

Port de la Selva

Platja de l'Erola is the continuation of Platja de la Ribera, separated only by the Riera de Romanyac and located in front of the fuel station...

Cala d'Es Cranc, del Peix and Mussols Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Is a group of three little, large and hidden coves. The name of cala del Peix is given thanks to a whale that was trapped in this place many years...

Platja Gran Pals


Is an inmense beach of 2,4 kilometres of length, after the frist 300 metres called as Platja del Grau. Formed by fine sand, combine an urbanized...

Port Salvi Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

It is a rocky cove located at the feet of the coastal road, in front of the Eden Roc Hotel. Stand out by its great wealth of its sea bottom that...

Platja Sant Pere Pescador Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador

With its 6,3 kilometres of sand and dunes, it is the largest beach in Roses gulf. Comprise between the mouth of Fluvià river, where we find also...

Els Griells beach L'Estartit


Located in front of the urbanisation of Els Griells, is an area full of touristic apartments, it is the continuation of Platja Gran and reach half...

Cala Bramant Llançà


Located 2 kilometres at the north of the poblation in Llançà, is a natural and beautiful space formed by sand, stones and especially rocks. It...

Cala Jonca Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

This little cove is located exactly behind the port of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. You can accés there through the terrace that we found behind the...

Cala Jugadora Cadaqués


Located 7 kilometres at the north of Cadaqués, so near from Cala Fredosa and the Cap de Creus Lighthouse, offers us an incredible views. An...

Santa Anna beach Blanes


Behind the port of Blanes and near the Marimurtra Botanical Garden we find this little beach about 15 metres of length. It is located in a...

Cala Jòncols Roses


In an unspoiled and wild landscape, past the Cap Norfeu, we found Cala Jòncols. Of rocky surface and strong slope, is an space to enjoy a snorkel...

Cala Ametller Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

This little and beautiful cove is located in a protected natural space. Its only access is through the coastal road that follows the coves and...

Cala Cap Roig Sant Antoni de Calonge

Sant Antoni de Calonge

This picturesque cove is a natural and beautiful environment that owes its name to the reddish rock formation that divides it in two. It is a...

Can Martinet Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador

Can Martinet is in Platja Sant Pere Pescador, comprise the last metres before arriving to the mouth of Fluvià river and, of course, the Gola del...


Practically we can say that all Costa Brava is an capable place to practise some nautical and wind sports standing out, for example, the beginning of Costa Brava in Blanes and Lloret de Mar, the cliffs area that runs along Sant Feliu de Guíxols coast, the terrain between Begur and Roses, going by l'Escala, l'Estartit, Pals and Sant Pere Pescador, where there is a big area where the wind has a very important role thanks to the two bays, or the rocky area in Cap de Creus and the north, from Cadaqués to Portbou. All of them, in general, are fantastic places to practise nautical sports.

But as in the other classifications, there are spaces that are only meant for that or they fulfill more requierements or facilities that permit us to practise sports more enjoyable. Thanks to its traits are ideal to practise nautical sports like snorkel or scuba diving and nautical sports that need good wind and waves, like windsurf, sailing, surf, etc.

That's because, from Visita Costa Brava, we have selected the ones that, for us, are the 15 best beaches for water sports.

Blanes - Entrada a la Costa Brava

Firstly we will stop in Blanes, at the beginning of Costa Brava.
We have included Santa Anna beach because it is located behind Blanes port and near there is an scuba diving and sailing school. In addition, is ideal to introduce to scuba diving and snorkel world thanks to its low depth and its crystalline waters. From this beach you can follow the coast in front of Marimurtra Botanical Garden until arrive to Cala Sant Francesc and Punta de s'Agulla, diving in an amazing sea bottom that will fascinate you.

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Next we will focus in Sant Feliu de Guíxols coast, where we will find four ideal places to practise nautical sports, especially snorkel and scuba diving, to explore the beautiful sea bottom of this area.
Port Salvi is a cove formed by rocks that is located in a ground point before the city centre, exactly at the feet of Eden Roc Hotel. In fact, there is a direct access between the pool of the hotel and the beach but it is accesible for all the people, it is not private or part of the hotel. It is a very visited area by scuba diving lovers thanks to its rich sea bottom and it is the ideal place to practise snorkel and swimming, because it is opened an enabled canal to swim.
After we find Cala Jonca. Is it included especially by its geographical location, behind Sant Feliu port and the Nautical Club, an space where there is sailing and scuba diving school, nautical motorcycle and boat rental. All of them to explore the incredible area of marine reefs and its depth, an ideal place to introduce to this world.
A little bit at the north we find Cala Ametller, located in a natural protected area so it is recommended hiking to see the beautiful landscape of the zone. Also there is a richo sea bottom to explore practising snorkel or scuba diving.
And the last rocky area that we find between arriving to the next big beach (Sant Pol beach) are three coves that we have put it as only one because they are joined one beside the other. It is Cala d'Es Cranc, del Peix and Mussols, a rocky area that permite us plough through its waters without waves and enjoying a beautiful day practising snorkel. It is an area very visited by sports lovers.

Sant Antoni de Calonge

Several kilometres at the north, before arriving to Sant Antoni de Calonge we find the next one.
Cala Cap Roig is a divided cove by a big cental and reddish islet that is very valued by all the snorkel and scuba diving lovers because of its crystalline waters that permit explore all the depth and the excellent sea bottom of all the nearly area.

Pals and l'Estartit

We move on serveral kilometres at the north until arrive to Pals.
There we find Platja Gran of Pals, an enormous beach of 2,4 kilometres long where we don't lack space to practise sports. Is a place very recommended thanks to the slope when you enter to the sea, its big waves and the nautical school on the seashore where we can rent the appropiate material to practise surf, windsurf, paddlesurf, etc. or also surfboards and boats like a catamaran to spend the day.

If we go up a little bit more we arrive to l'Estartit.
Here we find Griells beach, that acts as the continuation of Platja Gran, forming a whole beach. Platja Gran is the part destined for the bathers, located in front of the town and which interests us in this case, Griells beach, is where are located all the nautical sports concentrations. It is a good place to practise sports like windsurf or paddlesurf thanks to the wind and waves, but also is very visited by the lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving because in front of here there are Medes islands, surrounded by an inmense flora and marine fauna to discover.

Sant Pere Pescador - The best par excellence

Then we find Sant Pere Pescador, that has its main beach with its continuations.
The most important in the area and probably in all Costa Brava to practise nautical sports is Platja Sant Pere Pescador, where we have 6 kilometres of sand, dunes and sea to practise all types of sports, especially those who require wind because this area is very windy due to its geographical situation. There is a surf school and a kitesurf school/shop. In addition, it becomes the most important because one part of the beach is reserved only to practise sport and is celebrated one of the world championship windsurf event.
Can Martinet is a continuation from the previous beach and it is the most virgin part because is located in front of a natural area near the mouth of Fluvià river and there aren't buildings. Here also usually come nautical sports lovers, especially because of the beautiful landscape.
And finally, being also a continuation of Can Martinet, there is Gola del Fluvià, a beach that is exactly in the river mouth and where the beginners go to the river waters, because there is a big space, and it is ideal to practise before going out to the sea.

Cap de Creus

To put the full stop, we move on to the northern area, in Cap de Creus, where we find the three last beaches. The first one is located after Roses.
Cala Jòncols, located in a landscape practically savage and virgin, is a rocky place in a little bay ideal to enjoy a snorkel and scuba diving journey exploring all th sea bottom in Montjoi zone.

More to the north, after Cadaqués and Portlligat, there is a very famous cove.
Although all, or practically all, the coves in Cap de Creus area are of indentical characterístics: rocky formations, small, ideal to practise snorkel or scuba diving, etc. Cala Jugadora is the best known because it is well protected of the wind in the bay and it is well connected with the other coves thanks to the coastal road. There are coves around where you can only access starting from here. In addition, it is located next to Cap de Creus lighthouse, in a beautiful space to visit and obtain an incredible views, a parking area and a good restaurant where have lunch and relax after a long sports journey.

Leaving Cap de Creus behind, we go to the end of it, where we find El Port de la Selva.
Here we find in the centre of the town Platja de l'Erola, located next to Platja de la Ribera (the main beach). We stand out this beach because it is reserved to the lovers of nautical sports and it is an area with ideal wind to sports like windsurf. In addition, behind the seashore there is a surf school and more water and wind sports with two ideal parking areas because when you park the car you can unload all the sports equipment directly to the seashore.

Llançà - north area

And finally, to finish this TOP15, the end is in Llançà.
Here we find Cala Bramant. Is a rocky cove in a beautiful natural environment that you can't miss. We have choosen it because is located in Punta del Cap Ras and starting there doing snorkel or scuba diving you can go to the north and explore the marvelous sea bottom of all the point until Garbet beach or going to the south in front of all the beaches like Platja El Cros, Platja El Rastell or Grifeu beach.