The 15 best coves

What to Visit

Enjoy the most amazing, unknown and hidden places in Costa Brava.

Cala Canyers Palamós


Located a few kilometres at the north of Palamós we found this beautiful cove that offer us a nice natural environment with a lot of vegetation....

Sa Tuna Begur


Some kilometres far from the town centre of Begur, in the residential area of Sa Tuna, we find the Sa Tuna cove. It is a well known cove formed by...

Cala Sant Roc Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell

It is a cove of very little dimensions and formed by gross sand and rocks located in a residential area in the village of Calella de Palafrugell....

Cala Port d'Esclanyà Begur


It is a cove full of stones located in a residential area at the south of Begur. In spite of being located in an urbanisation it is surrounded by...

Cala Morisca Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Little cove formed by stones and gross sand that is located 5 kilometres at the south of the town of Tossa de Mar. It has a difficult access...

Cala Pola Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Cala Pola is located 4 kilometres far from the town of Tossa de Mar, very near the famous Cala Giverola. It is formed by gross sand and located in...

Cala Estreta Palamós


Cala Estreta is located 8 km far from the town of Palamós. You can access there by car and leave it in the beach parking to afterwards walk...

Cala Futadera Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Located 6 kilometres at the north of the town of Tossa de Mar, nexto to Cala Giverola, is famous because of his big charm and its yachts.


Cala Jugadora Cadaqués


Located 7 kilometres at the north of Cadaqués, so near from Cala Fredosa and the Cap de Creus Lighthouse, offers us an incredible views. An...

Cala del Maset Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Sant Feliu de Guíxols

Is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Brava. Is about a very little cove with very deep waters and fine sand. You have to access there...

Cala Aigua Xel·lida Tamariu


Is a cove located at the north of Tamariu's village, between a beautiful and natural space of rocks and pines that offer us some splendid views....

Cala s'Alguer Palamós


Only 2,9 kilometres far from the town centre of Palamós, we find Cala s'Alguer. This little cove, of stones and gross sand, located in a natural...

Cala del Pi Platja d'Aro

Platja d'Aro

From Platja d'Aro, following the coastal road, we found this little and friendly cove that is usually visited by couples, families, urbanites and...

Beach Es Codolar Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Located in the town, behind the historical centre, at the feet of the city walls. You can acces there through some stairs that come from the same...

Roques Planes Sant Antoni de Calonge

Sant Antoni de Calonge

This rocky cove is one of the most beautiful and peculiar from Sant Antoni de Calonge. The erosion caused by the waves and the time, has modeled...


Enjoy the most amazing, unknown and hidden places in Costa Brava.

One of the main attractions, if it is not the main one, of all Costa Brava is the multitude of beaches and coves. Every beach and cove has its peculiarities and differentiation depending of its location, its conditions, its materials and the services that has for the visitors. From little virgin coves to big beaches of some kilometres. We want to differentiate the beaches from the coves.

In this case we are going to focus on coves, of small dimensions, some of them practically virgin, unknown retreats in Costa Brava that are difficult to find and have a quiet space under the sun where lose yourself for a day. Between cliffs, rocks and crystalline waters, after walking a large period of time because of its difficult accesibility, alone or with your partner or friends...

That's because, from Visita Costa Brava, we have selected the ones that, for us, are the best 15 best coves in Costa Brava:

Tossa de Mar

Following Costa Brava from south to north, the first four coves that we want to stand out are located in Tossa de Mar.
The first one is Cala Morisca, in Canyelles urbanisation located in the highway from Lloret to Tossa, we find this beautiful natural environment formed by stones and vegetation where we only can access there on foot leaving the car in the residential area. An idyllic environment to have a total tranquility.
We continue with Es Codolar, located in the middle of Tossa, just behind the castle and the city walls. Between two cliffs and with the castle in the background you will obtain the ideal panorama. It has an easy access through some stairs that come from the town, so it is very visited.
A few kilometres at the north of the town, we find probably one of the most famous coves in the area: Cala Pola. A beautiful natural environment that, unlike the other coves, it is located in a residencial area, next to a campsite and it has a beach bar to eat something and it has an easy access on foot, by car or by boat. It is ideal to enjoy a great day with the family.
And the last cove in Tossa area, near the famous Cala Giverola, we find Cala Futadera, a precious natural landscape of crystalline waters and cliffs where only the most adventurous people after a large staircase or by the sea will access there. Without any doubt is one of the most beautiful place in Costa Brava.

Sant Feliu, Platja d'Aro and Sant Antoni

The fifth cove is located in between Sant Feliu de Guíxols and s'Agaró.
Being accesible, Cala del Maset it is very small and it is very hidden so it is not usually occuped. So, it is ideal to relax and enjoy a nice time. Between two red cliffs, you have to access there through some stairs and with its depth and crystallines waters make one of the most beautiful places in the area.

In Platja d'Aro we find another amazing cove.
We have had to include it without doubt, in this spectacular natural environment, Cala del Pi has been catalogued inside the best beaches in all Europe. Is a little and friendly space very visited. Its impressive rocky sea bottom with its crystalline waters make this cove an unique place where you will take on of the best photos in all the area.

And going up several kilometres, at the south of Sant Antoni de Calonge, we find the next one.
Cala de Roques Planes is one of the most beautiful and peculiar in this area. Is an amazing natural space formed by rocks that, due to water erosion, have been adopted a practically flat shape. You have to access there before a nice walk through the coastal road.


Now we continue with the next three coves, all of them located in Palamós and its surroundings.
The firs one, at the north of the city centre and near the famous Platja del Castell, there is Cala s'Alguer, a little cove of stones very characteristic because of its fishermen houses and the boats in the seashore. That set of elements makes it one of the most beautiful places in Costa Brava.
Then, we find the second of this three coves:
Cala Canyers, a beautiful cove with a difficult access through a long road between located between vegetation, clear waters and rocks. In this cove we find two old fishermen shacks.
And the last one in this area, Cala Estreta, arriving to the area of natural interest of Cap Roig, offers us a divided cove by a big central reef that acts as separation with Cala d'en Remendón. Is an spectacular natural landscape that isn't only the beach, because if you came walking from the parking you will observe all of its surroundings full of pine forest and cliffs. Is one of the main tourist attractions of the area and we will find an old fisherman shack that has been remodeled and we can rent and use it.


Several kilometres at the north, in Calella de Palafrugell, we find Cala Sant Roc.
It is a famous cove, especially in the town, of very small dimensions, but with its sand, the rocks, the crystalline waters and the old porchs make a beautiful landscape where you can relax. In addition, it is very well situated, because in a few metres there is the promenade, and some restaurants and bars to eat something.

In the neighbour village of Tamariu, we find Cala Aigua Xel·lida, one of the most beautiful natural places in all the Costa Brava that offers amazing views. Between rocks, crystalline waters and some old fishermen porchs it is famous thank to the writer Josep Pla, who has in the same cove two commemorative plaques.


We arrive to Begur area and here we find two more coves:
Cala Port d'Esclanyà, one of the most beautiful and iyllic coves that you will find thanks to its crystalline waters and the rocks and vegetation. In the past, its was used as a port and we can see some porchs. It is ideal to do a kayak trip or practise scuba diving.
Sa Tuna, the most known and famous beach in Begur, it is very visited and it is accesible to people with reduced mobility. Gives to us one of the most beautiful photography in Costa Brava thanks to the group of houses that are in the cliff that match with the stones and its clear and clean waters.

Cap de Creus - Cadaqués

And finally, located at the north in Cap de Creus we find Cala Jugadora, several kilometres far from Cadaqués. Probably, the most beautiful cove in this area. It is surrounded by vegetation and the rocky formations of this zone, one of the most known and you can't miss it.