This section is for the lovers of landscapes and photography, where you will find 10 retreats with incredible views.

The 10 retreats with incredible views

What to Visit

This section is for the lovers of landscapes and photography, where you will find 10 retreats with incredible views.

Cap de Creus lighthouse Cadaqués


Located in the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, in the msot eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula we find this lighthouse surrounded by an incredible...

Begur Castle Begur


Built in the XVIth century, Begur castle is one of the main tourist attraction and has been declared Bien Cultural de Interés Nacional. Is...

La Punta del Molinet L'Estartit


Passed the sports port and the breakwaters we find the Molinet promenade, located between the sea and the steep cliff of Cap de la Barra.


Montgó Tower L'Escala


Since de XIIth to the XVIIIth century the life wasn't peaceful for the inhabitants of a lot of towns in Costa Brava. During this centuries were...

Puig Rom Visigothic Castrum Roses


On top of Puig Rom we find one of the fortificated area rather preserved from the visigothic era.

This town inhabitated during the VIIth and the...

S'Agaró viewpoint S'Agaro


s'Agaró has a good coastal road, ideal to have a quiet walk and enjoy the amazing landscape. One of the retreats with obligatory visit in this...

Viewpoint del Pinell S'Agaro


A few kilometres far from the city centre of s'Agaró, in the middle of the forest, we find this viewpoint where we can enjoy a privileged view of...

San Sebastian lighthouse Llafranc


San Sebastian lighthouse is located in the village of Llafranc. Located 169 above the sea, it is the most powerful lighthouse in catalan coast....

Tossa de Mar lighthouse Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

If you are thinking on visit the Vila Vella of Tossa de Mar don't stop going up to reach the lighthouse. It is an obligated visit because you will...

Sant Joan's Castle Blanes


Sant Joan's castle, with Sa Palomera, are the most typical landscapes of Blanes.

Located on the top of Sant Joan's hill, 173 metres of height, it...


This section is for the lovers of landscapes and the photograpy. Here you will find the 10 retreats with incredible views to take the best photo of the most special landscapes in Costa Brava, you will enjoy panoramic views that will leave you surprised and show off to your family and friends.

From viewpoints, like in s'Agaró, lighthouses like in Tossa de Mar and Llafranc and historical castles, like in Begur, located strategically on top of a mountain to have a good visibility facing to the attacks of the opponents of the age, that offers an ideal views to see al the town and the coast.

That's because, from Visita Costa Brava, we have selected the ones that, for us, are the 10 retreats with incredible views:

La Selva

We start this section in the town that marks the beginning of Costa Brava: Blanes.
There we find Sant Joan's Castle, on top of the mountain it is the ideal place to enjoy marvelous views. From there you can see practically all the town: the centre, the different zones (los Pinos, los Pavos...) and of course the port at the feet of the castle, the large promenade, Sa Palomera and the two main beaches: Platja de Blanes and S'Abanell beach.

Few kilometres at the north there is Tossa de Mar, where we will find the first lighthouse of the three that we will see.
Tossa de Mar lighthouse, it is located on top of the castle's hill and from there we can see all the Vila Vella, the other parts of the town, the Platja Gran and the castle. In addition the marvelous views that offers to see all the town and all the coast, it has a restaurant where drink something while you enjoy a nice time.

Baix Empordà

We change the region and we go to s'Agaró, where we find two amazing viewpoints separated only 2 kilometres from each other, but offers two different views.
The first one is s'Agaró viewpoint. It is located nexto to the coast, in first sea line and you have to access there through a nice and quiet walk by the coastal road. The road finishes in this viewpoint where we find a little cupola from where you can enjoy the landscape of all the coast of the town and the sea breeze.
And 2 kilometres inland, at the north of the town, we find Viewpoint del Pinell. It is located in the middle of a forest and we can enjoy a big area full of trees, although also we can see in the distance all the coastal line.

We move to the little town of Llafranc.
We find San Sebastián lighthouse, located 169 metres over the sea level, it is the most powerful in all the catalan coast. Located in one extrem, principally we will be surrounded by a lot of trees, and in front of, the Mediterranean Sea. But if we look good, from there we also will see Llafranc bay, the town, the port and the main beach.

We continue to the north, to the area of Begur.
In the middle of Begur mountains and of this natural area, we find the town dominated by the impressive Begur Castle. In the centre and on top of a hill, it is the highest part and offers an excellent views to both sides. An incredible views of all the town, the natural and mountainous area, the coast and the Mediterranean Sea that you can not miss.

In the last town of Baix Empordà, l'Estartit, we find another viewpoint.
Punta del Molinet is located after the sports port and the breakwaters, between the sea and the steep cliff of Cap de la Barra, in front of the rocky formation known with the same name. This impressive place offers us an exclusive view of Medes Islands and the Mediterranean Sea.

Alt Empordà

In the first terrain that if part of Alt Empordà we find Montgó area, in l'Escala.
There we find Montgó Tower, located on top of a hill, is a building that was used to repel the constant attacks of the pirates in this area and it has been conserved well. From the tower you can see all the coastal line and also take an incredible picture, on the right hand, of all Cala Montgó, with the beach and its surrounding houses. At the left hand, in the distance you can see all Roses gulf and follow the coast to Roses.

We arrive to Cap de Creus, concretelly to Roses.
There we find the Puig Rom Visigothic Castrum, a fortified enclosure of the that has been conserved well. Its geographical situation make it a location with unbeatable views, because dominate all Roses town and from there you can see all the bay, with all its beaches.

And finally, to finish this TOP10, we move some kilometres to the north of Cadaqués.
We find Cap de Creus lighthouse, dominating all the area in the eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula. From there you will have an incredible views with all the rocky zone of Cap de Creus and the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, it has a restaurant just beside and some coves in a few metres, like Cala Jugadora and Cala Fredosa.