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Towns in Costa Brava
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Towns in Costa Brava

These are the towns along the impressive coastline of the Costa Brava, as well as Girona, the capital of the province.

The entrance door to the Costa Brava

A secluded spot away from the crowds

The confluence between Costa Brava and Pyrenees

Most of the towns that can be found along the more than 200 km of the Costa Brava have their origins in small villages with a fishing tradition. Since the gradual arrival of tourism in the mid-20th century, all these towns have grown and adapted to welcome visitors from all over the world who wish to discover this marvellous spot on the Mediterranean coast.

The abrupt seafront that characterises the landscape of the Costa Brava has made possible to preserve many of its main natural spaces from urban development pressure. The charm of these unaltered landscapes, as well as of the historic centres of the villages, is what makes the Costa Brava unique.

In addition, each of the towns that make up the Costa Brava has its own charm and identity. From the gateway to Blanes to the French border, we have the chance to discover multitude of unique and unrepeatable spots, coves, beaches and landscapes. In addition, the municipalities of the Costa Brava have a rich gastronomic and cultural offer that allows us to enrich our visit even more. The fact that it was the gateway to the Iberian Peninsula for the main Mediterranean cultures makes the Costa Brava a place rich in heritage and a great centre of cultural confluence.


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